About Me


The sun is the most diverse energy source in our solar system. Every ray of light gives life to beings on our planet and all the planets this side of the Milky Way. Everyday we wake up to the sun in anticipation of the dawn of a new day and we watch the picture of the sunset in the evening in hope of a better tomorrow.

We live in a world of diversity. I learned this while on the ground in Mukuru, an informal settlement just outside of Nairobi, Kenya. In Mukuru I made friends with local young people in an informal settlement sharing one computer for every few hundred kids. What did they do online you ask? Everything that we do in our so called free world. They Googled, surfed the web, watched You Tube videos and checked their Facebook.

We also live in a world of great hope. I learned this in Constanza, Romania. I met and became friends with people living with institutionalized HIV. These young people are victims in every sense of the word. Infected at birth in hospitals due to governmental malpractice, these brave souls have not allowed AIDS to rule their bodies, mind or spirits. They harbor no resentment for the system. They just want to live. It’s inspiring.

In India I learned children are the light of the world. I spent days with young homeless children mostly girls on the beaches of Mumbai. Homeless not because their parents passed but because their parents passed on them. Focusing attention on the story of a courageous woman who runs a cardiac hospital with no medical experience in Lima Peru means more to me than all the attention in the world. 

The journey of my artistic film career has taken tomorrow pictures and I to most of the continents on planet Earth. From disaffected youth in South Central Los Angeles to a wise old man on the Southside of Chicago to the feet of a Buddhist monk in Asia. I still have not seen it all nor do I know it all, but I have had the opportunity to feel many things deeply. Feeling deeply allows me to travel in time back to 1961 to tell the story of real American heroes before they were even considered American? They were just nine friends who wanted to make a difference and counter history.

What have I learned? I have learned that I can be you and you can be me. We have more in common than we have that is different. Whether I like it or not; I love you, I love me and I love life. And the alerts on my mobile phone mean nothing when I am alerted by the reality of who I can reach out to in the universe.

The best has been giving a young homeless Indian girl or an HIV infected child a hug and piece of my heart. The worst has been watching a diseased child in Nepal unnecessarily suffer and all the heart in the world could not save them. We are in this together. There are no super people. There are super movements with individuals coming together for a brighter day. That is what I stand for and that is the foundation of Tomorrow Pictures Inc.

We are the rising sun of tomorrow through the pictures of today. We are a diverse energy source.